Happy Fathers Day Poems

Happy Fathers Day Poems

fathers day poems hd

You are the craziest ever,
words are not enough to say,
You amuse us with the raw energy
with which you dance and play.
I always love to have you
around because you are so
much fun, Yet you are so
mature at giving advices, that
it is you I always run.
You are not just my Dad,
but you are my best friend ever,
No matter where I go,a little
part of you will live in me forever.
Happy Fathers day.

Happy Father’s Day Poems

Fathers day poem

Happy Fathers Day poems from daughter

I am lucky each day to look up and find
I have the best dad in the world
and he is one of a kind.

With every toss in the air
I know you will be there,
Because you are my dad
the man who will always care.

Boys I don’t know
and I will gladly wait until I grow,
Because for now and always
You are my heart’s glow.

When you walk in the door
It is the moment I have waited all the day for..
Just to call you and watch you ignore.
“Dad” is who I know who are
My hero,my love,my superstar!!

Fathers day poems from daughter

“I sure hope this Father’s Day
is your very best by far,

Extra nice and extra fun
the way you always are.

Times are fun when you are around,
No nicer dad could ever be found!

You are the greatest kind of dad
any kid has ever had..”.

Love you papa.

Happy Fathers Day.

Happy fathers day poems from daughter

Fathers Day Poems from Son

“Your smile is so bright,
It is brighter than even the sun.

Your optimistic nature is so contagious,
I haven’t seen it in anyone.

Your happiness means
the world to me dad
because you’re so dear

whenever I am two minds
I turn to you and everything
becomes so clear.

I Thank you so much for
the love and care towards me every single day”.

Happy fathers day poem 2017

“My Dad is the best
I know because he passed lots of tests
I give him tests most days
in lots of little different ways

It keeps him on his toes you see
because it is not an easy job looking after me
but mostly he comes through as a star
but sometimes I think I go a bit far

In all the things I try to do,
I want to do them just like you
I am watching every move you make
and trying to take each step you take

Although right now I am sort of small,
when I am with you, I feel ten feet tall,
like you, I want to be brave and smart,
because I love you dad with all my heart”.

Happy Fathers Day Poems

Happy fathers day poems images 2017

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